The equation of Life and Happiness

In general, there's no clear definition of happiness, as it may suggest various things to different people.
Nevertheless, it is essential to observe that happiness isn't a regular state. People enjoy more than few feelings at some stage in their lives, and it's far regular to experience ups and downs. It is viable to locate happiness within the midst of hard circumstances, and it's also viable to sense sadness inspite of having many blessings in life.
Ultimately, consistent with this equation, Life is undefined, consequently hapiness is undefined too.
So if we anticipate that the Upper-Class limit and the Lower class limit are the person death and birth here, Death as td = 100 years. Birth as tb = 0 years.
Life = Happiness x ( ln(td) - ln(tb) ) Life = Happiness x ( ln(100) - ln(0) )
As ln(0) isn't defined, subsequently life is likewise not defined.
Thus, in life happiness isn't constant, so happiness ought to be described as a function of time otherwise it is not solvable(exist).
Therefore, the key to happiness may lie in finding a balance among different factors of life and finding meaning and purpose in what we do.
Therefore, and after stating all the above, I wish you all a HAPPY and blessed New Year!


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