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Is content creator a good career? Or just something you can do for fun?

Some major sites, such as "YouTube", "Meta", "TikTok", and others, are competing with each other in order to attract the largest number of content creators who, in their turn, attract more followers to the site. By definition, a content creator is a person who produces content in writings, images, and videos. These contents deal with specific topics and carry some benefits for the followers. But in fact, this is not always the case. Lebanese today are divided between smart and useful content makers and makers of fun and entertainment content. Despite this fact, these latter receive a large percentage of views, which provide a considerable financial return in fresh USD. The amount of course, varies from one person to another. Thus, becoming a content creator can be challenging at first, but it is a fun career path especially if you're a creative person and you have the right skills. A content maker can create content about pretty much everything with an

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